Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Frog Has a New B(l)og

Green Frog

After spending a few days moving the furniture about several blogging platforms, it appears that I will soon take up residence here. The neighborhood isn't as hip as, say, Tumblr--but I'm not exactly what you'd call an early adopter. This platform is far easier for a print dinosaur like me to comprehend.

Old friends can expect a continuation of the "gentleman naturalist" theme here: dispatches from my travels through gardens, bogs, forests, rivers, cafes, museums, and tailors will go on as they always have. Like my former journal, this too will be a welcome home for amphibians, innovative pocket square folds, and Polynesian architecture.

The flow of posts here will remain a trickle until I have this little book project of mine well underway. Until then, please enjoy my collection of images on Flickr.

In the unlikely event that a few of you might enjoy conducting an archaeological dig through the catacombs of my old journal: here are the posts, organized by subject tag.

Adventures Artsy Tartsy Dandyism Emblems Future Cities Curiosities Style Ill-considered notions Natural History Organicism The Pine Barrens Plants & Gardening and Domestic Bird Videos.

I have taken pains to ensure that this new journal is much more porous than the hermit's isle I'd built on LJ. RSS feed thingies can be found at the bottom of this journal, and links to the outside world abound to the right.

Travel within this journal will be much improved as well: the tag directory and the search gizmo will better enable visitors to browse posts that interest them, regardless of when the posts were made.

A word on comment policy, for those of you who might care: My comment threads will be open to the public, but all anonymous/unregistered commenters must sign their comments. Unsigned anonymous comments will be deleted. I also have word verification in place to cut down on spam. I wish this weren't necessary, but I have all the male enhancement lotion I need at the moment.

If you have any suggestions as to how I may better share the content of this "blogue," please let me know.

See you soon, my friends.